August 15

St Mary’s Church, Pallippuram is one of the biggest pilgrimage centres of Kerala. It is the our lady of assumption’s feast, that has brought fame to Pallippuram. The feast attracts tens of thousands of deists from all parts of Kerala . Every year, the feast gets off to a start on the 1st August with novena. The main feast is celebrated on the 15th August, . The octave is on the 22nd August . It is for the main feast that most of the pilgrims come. The Octave is considered the feast of the local people

In good old days, most of the pilgrims used to come walking along the coast. Those from the eastern regions used to come in country boats up to Thavanakkadavu Chertala or Alappuzha and walk from there. The people of Pallippuram used to arrange local accommodation for the pilgrims in their compounds, as most pilgrims used to spend one day or two in Pallippuram after their long journey. This used to give rise to a community life spread across the whole village.