St.Mary’s Forane Church, Pallippuram is an ancient church of Kerala which is dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption. It is believed that the church was built during AD52 . It is the first church in asia that build in the name of Mother Mary. It is the parent church of all the churches in cherthala and vaikom taluk

st thomas crossDuring his visit in india saint Thomas built a cross at kokkamangalam. Later some persons who believes in other relegions plucked the cross from there and thrown it to vembanad lake. The cross flowed from there and reached mattel. Mattel is a small island of vembanadu lake and it is situated between vaikom and pallippuram.

mattel churchSome farmers went to mattel for cutting grass for their cows and one lady accidentally cut the cross. The cross got wounded and started bleeding. The farmers got scared and informed persons in pallippuram. One person realised that it is a cross. The mattel Marthoma Pilgrim Centre is built in the place where the cross was found.

kurisupuraAfter founding the cross they have moved the cross to pallippuram and kept it in a house. Later they have built a church and moved the cross to the church. The church is known as kurisupura church and the begining of pallippuram church is from kurisupura church. During the second cetury due to the increase in believers a new church was built at the current location and the holy cross was kept of the sanctury and this was the first church in mid travancore region.

ammaThe main picture that was placed and honoured in the altar was the copy of the picture that portrayed by saint luke.

cropped-10570348_551830258276432_878035709497470042_n.jpgDuring the 16th century the portugese engineers has reconstructed the church. The altar was build by portugese engineers during that time. There was no major change made to Altar after that .

kasaBishop Rafael Figaredo Salgadho was the bishop of angamaly archdiocese during 1670 to 1695. He has lived and died at pallippuram. His tomb is in the sactuary of pallippuram church. The kasa and the case which includes the relic of 33 saints which is used by Bishop Rafael Figaredo Salgadho is kept at pallippuram church

chavara new seminaryDuring 1795 Thachil Abraham Malpan started pallippuram seminary. Saint chavara studied in pallippuram seminary for eleven years. After the construction of new seminary in mannanam on 1831. The pallippuram seminary was stopped and the students were moved to mannanam. The seminary was rebuilded later

thoma malpanPalackal Thoma Malpan who is the founder of CMI was a member of pallippuram parish. During 1818 he became the rector of pallippuram seminary. Saint chavara studied in pallippuram seminary under the supervision of palackal thomamalpan. The teaching and the morales set by palackal thoma malpan influenced saint chavara a lot and it set the platform for his holy life. In 1841 Jan 16 Palckal Thoma Malpan got died and buried in the sanctuary of pallippuram church

St-ChavaraSaint chavara was born in kainakary. When he was 11 years old Palackal Thoma Malpan found him and bring him to pallippuram seminary. Saint chavara studied in pallippuram seminary for 11 years from 1818 to 1829 under the supervision of Palackal Thoma Malpan. Te teaching and morale set by palackal thoma malpan during this period influenced Saint Chavara a lot and it set the platform for his holy life.


Saint chavara worked as a vicar for two years from 1832 to 1834 at pallippuram. Pallippuram is the only church in which aint chavara worked as a vicar. During this time saint chavara used a mammodessa thotty for baptism and it is made of a single stone. It is still kept in the church.

chavarabalipeedamIn 1866 saint chavara arranged pallippuram mahayogam annd it is attended by priests and parish representetives to face the threat of schism of roccos


chavarabaptismDuring 1891 Pallippuram church was declared as a forane church under kottayam vicarite before the formation of Ernakulam vicariate. Today, it is a Forane church of Ernakulam- Angamaly Archdiocese of Syro- Malabar Rite


During 1978-81 the church was reconstructed. During 2011-2014 the restoration and renovation of the church has beend done. In 27 July 2014 the church was blessed by card George Alenchery